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Over 50 years of MCBC

Mansfield College Boat Club was founded in 1965 by a group of students led by Michael Mahoney. We moved into Longbridges Boathouse along with Hertford, St. Catherine’s, St Hilda’s and Green Templeton Colleges in April 1997, and have remained there ever since. In July 2005 Longbridges was the victim of an arson attack but thanks to the committee, college and generosity of our alumni, this did not set us back and we were able to replace our equipment and continue moving up the bumps divisions. Our club has spawned multiple blues rowers including Jack Shuttleworth and Merel Lefferts in 2016 but most famously Donald MacDonald, the President of OUBC in the mutiny year of 1987, the events of which are told in the book and film ‘True Blue’.


1966 bump.png

Mansfield bumping

St Catherine's College in 1966 to win our first set of blades

Chalking up our first set of blades after officially becoming an Oxford college in 1995 


In 2016, members of MCBC rowed from Oxford to London to raise money for the club. They completed the journey of over 100 miles in just 3 days, triumphantly arriving at Putney Bridge on Saturday 1st October 2016.



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