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Making a donation

As Mansfield is one of the smallest and relatively underfunded colleges in Oxford, the boat club has a far more limited budget and fewer resources than most other clubs on the Isis. This means that we must often rely on our captains and coaches going above and beyond what would normally be expected of them and makes the generous donations which we receive from alumni and friends of the club especially important for our continued success.  

mensummerVIII's crw.jpg

Rowing can be a very expensive sport and so, despite the generosity of our donors, replacing old equipment and paying for using facilities such as the Iffley Road rowing tank often results in additional charges on our current members. This conflicts with our core ethos of making rowing accessible for all members of college and is especially troubling given the focus Mansfield has on students from underrepresented backgrounds. In the 2019/20 admissions cycle over a fifth of all UK offer holders were from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds so unavoidable additional charges can regrettably make being a part of MCBC difficult for some students.  

In 2017 an incredibly generous donation allowed us to buy a much needed new W1 shell. This update has made it possible for us to compete against larger clubs and introduced the possibility of fielding more crews in the future, allowing the boat club to expand and be more ambitious going forward.  

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