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President's Welcome
     Like almost everyone at Mansfield, my first experience of rowing was during
my first week at university. If you had told me then, that just three years later I
would be president of the club, I would definitely not have believed you. Having
said that, today there is no role I would rather have. MCBC is such a special club,
with enthusiastic rowers, coxes and coaches, whose goal is to make every
session one to smile about. Rowing has come to define my university experience
and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

     Mansfield College has always striven to promote the ideals of access and inclusivity, and these values are firmly embedded in the culture of the boat club: rowing can be a very expensive hobby and MCBC allows people from all backgrounds, who would not otherwise have had the chance, the opportunity to experience it. This being said, we are a relatively small and under-resourced club, so it is down to our incredible coaches and athletes that we owe our success. We regularly outperform much larger and better funded colleges in the three main Oxford regattas: in 2016 and 2018 Mansfield crews reached the quarter finals of Christchurch Regatta, and our men's and women's first VIIIs hold strong positions in division 2 of Torpids and Summer Eights. We have even trained up several athletes from complete novices to those representing the university. 
    I am very optimistic about the year ahead. Despite one year lost to flooding and yet another lost to the pandemic, we have large squads ready and raring to get rowing again, a testament to two years of excellent captains and coaches keeping training going in spite of all of the challenges we faced.  Combined with what will hopefully be another successful recruitment drive this Michaelmas, I'm excited to see this great community of athletes, coaches and alumni continue to grow and build on our previous accomplishments to take MCBC to new heights. 
    MCBC is always on the lookout for new sponsorship opportunities. Please get in touch if you are interested to hear about what we have to offer.
     If you're coming to Mansfield this October, as an undergraduate or graduate student,  and are looking for a sport that will push you physically as well as help you forge long lasting friendships and great memories, make sure to look out for us during Freshers' Week and give rowing or coxing a try. We look forward to seeing you there and if you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

     We are always looking for ways to improve our club. If you have any comments or concerns of any nature, please get in touch. 

Charlotte Withyman
MCBC President 2021-2

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